A Class of Their Own – Then and Now

Probably the world’s most famous violin makers, Cremona’s Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù make up a class of their own in the world of stringed instruments.


If an exceptional instrument is placed in the hands of an outstanding musician, the result is more than just music. The instruments made by the hands of A. Stradivari and G. Guarneri del Gesù represent the peak of this craftsmanship, stirring the senses and drawing listeners into another world. Even during the masters’ lifetime, these instruments were something special and expensive; also today they are of great art historical significance.

With an annual appreciation of up to 23%, these expertly crafted instruments represent the peak of the investment possibilities for stringed instruments. The best known example for this is the auction of the violin “Lady Blunt” by Antonio Stradivari from the year 1721; in the summer of 2011, it changed owners for approximately 11 million Euros.

The extraordinarily beautiful and inimitable sound of these instruments, combined with the low level of availability on the market, offers the investor higher-than-average annual returns. With its excellent international network, VIOLIN ASSETS enables interested parties to invest in this instrument class as well. A sensitive, discreet transaction is then of the utmost importance for all the parties involved.

Masters of their trade

With the investment model it has developed, VIOLIN ASSETS has been able to show that in addition to the two great luthiers from Cremona, A. Stradivari and G. Guarneri del Gesù, there are also other masters whose works are suitable for investment.

From 19th century France, it is the instruments made by masters such as A.S.Ph. Bernardel, P. Pacherel, H.C. Silvestre and J.B. Vuillaume that deserve particular attention.

As the cradle of the golden age of violin making, Italy has not only produced the two best known masters, but also in the 18th century significant names such as C. Bergonzi, G. Grancino, G.B. Guadagnini, P. Guarneri and G. Guarneri filius Andrea, D. Montagnana and F. Rugeri. From the 19th century, it is especially G. A. Rocca, G. F. Pressenda and L. Ventapane who have distinguished themselves through their special quality and whose instruments constitute an attractive investment with average returns of 8%.

In the 20th century, modern Italian violin making produced a large number of exceptional instruments. Particularly in the first half of the century, contemporary luthiers such as Hannibal Fagnola, Giuseppe Ornati, Carlo Giuseppe Oddone, Leandro Bisiach and Gaetano Sgarabotto created extraordinary pieces.

The independent works of masters of the present such as Francesco Toto, Davide Sora, Alessandro Ciciliati, Silvio Levaggi and Kolja Lochmann feature an individual, recognizable style. The high esteem for modern instrument making also finds expression in the double-digit performance averaged by such instruments.


VIOLIN ASSETS has many years of experience in the fields of historical and contemporary violin making, standing for instruments that are, without exception, outstanding.

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