More than ever before, the investment in material assets now offers exciting investment opportunities. Material assets, in times of high uncertainty in the financial markets and in light of low interest rates, are a special type of value; they deserve to be included in every portfolio. As an investment class, stringed instruments are profitable, low-volatility investment assets: they enhance a portfolio in a unique way.

Special Type of Investment

This special type of investment is usually discovered by way of the investor’s own personal passion for music – and this personal connection complements the positive aspects of this particular investment. Due to increased interest from Russia and the Asian countries, the demand has now far outgrown the supply; the stringed instrument as an investment opportunity is increasingly attracting the attention of investment experts.

The aspects of the investment class Stringed Instruments – the constant, positive performance, the low correlation to other investment classes, the low annual costs and the mobility of the investment asset – are achieved by both historic and contemporary instruments of the highest quality.

Sponsors and Patrons

The numerous additional, non-financial aspects of the investment make stringed instruments an investment for all the senses. The beauty of the instrument and the unique sound are the one side of the coin; the opportunities to promote culture and support musicians by loaning the instrument to a soloist comprise the other. By enabling extraordinary “returns” in the form of private concerts and direct contact and dialogue with the artists, the investment is then complete.

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Invest in string instruments