Stringed instruments as investments

VIOLIN ASSETS facilitates investments in premium stringed instruments, granting investors access to the finest musical instruments especially eligible for sustainable investment. What is more, investors can support some of today’s finest musicians in a meaningful way, making instruments available to them.


The expertise of VIOLIN ASSETS is globally unique with regard to years of experience and access to the finest stringed instruments. VIOLIN ASSETS helps investors and patrons find the most appropriate type of investment and, on request, the most fitting means of supporting outstanding musicians.

In addition to the option of investing directly in a premium instrument, there are additional investment and participation possibilities available that we would be pleased to present to you in a personal consultation meeting.

Personal Assistance

Thanks to the many years of experience of VIOLIN ASSETS in the field of premium stringed instruments and in the field of professional asset investment, investors receive comprehensive personal assistance in every aspect concerning investing in stringed instruments.

We would be pleased to hear from you.

Sponsors and Patrons

For investors who, in the context of a private patronage, wish to use the stringed instruments they have acquired to support exceptionally gifted musicians and soloists, VIOLIN ASSETS eagerly assists in introducing eligible musicians. The result for the investors is a cultural added value that simultaneously creates great benefit for the artistic work of the soloists supported.


Without exception, each select stringed instrument is qualified by VIOLIN ASSETS and thus satisfies the high requirements for sound, quality investments. The seal “VIOLIN ASSETS certified” reflects the quality of each individual stringed instrument in the VIOLIN ASSETS offering.

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