“VIOLIN ASSETS certified” is the seal for the instruments that are suitable for investment. Serving as a basis for the seal and the investment grade is a strict selection process and an exclusively developed valuation model designed to ensure the investment quality. Distinctions are made through three main categories, along with two subcategories that are divided into five quality levels.

The Seal

The seal “VIOLIN ASSETS certified” was developed for the two areas of historical and contemporary instruments.

Through its managing director and co-owner Jost Thoene, VIOLIN ASSETS GmbH has more than 25 years of experience in dealing in premium stringed instruments. Thoene has also documented these instruments, having published a series of high-quality professional publications. This expertise also enables Thoene to access instruments that are not to be found on the public market.

HIstorical Instruments

We formed the basis for determining the stringed instruments suitable for investment by combining the completeness of the data basis from Albert Fuchs’ Taxe der Streichinstrumente with the factors we had defined in our evaluation model. Supplemented by information such as frequency of trading, collectors’ appraisals and musicians’ opinions, it was determined which violin makers were suitable for the seal “VIOLIN ASSETS certified”. The decision to limit the selection geographically to Italy and France was based on the quality characteristics of the instruments made there.

Contemporary Instruments

In the relatively small market for high-quality contemporary stringed instruments played by well-known soloists and that are in demand, Jost Thoene is deemed a well-respected point of contact. The evaluation model for these stringed instruments is supplemented by the criteria “small quantities produced” and “quality assurance through expert handcraftsmanship”, as in the case of the historical instruments.

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